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We are using Zoiper in office and if you are on Home office, you will need it too to make calls.


  1. Download Zoiper HERE
  2. Double-click installation file
  3. Click Next
  4. Check I accept the agreement and the Next
  5. Deselect Start Zoiper with Windows and click Next
  6. Select where you want to install Zoiper or just click Next
  7. Click Next
  8. Select All Users or Current User and click Next
  9. Click Next and wait till install finish
  10. Check Launch Zoiper and click Finish


Before you start setting up Zoiper, you need to contact somebody from IT department to add your IP to allowed. You can find your IP by just typing my ip into Google.com.

  1. Click Settings and then Create a new account
  2. Select SIP and then Next
  3. Insert your ext., password and domain call.woservices.com and click Next
  4. Enter Account name, check Skip auto-detection and click Next
  5. Your account should be created, now just click Close
  6. In Settings check if your account is registered and if yes, just click OK. If no, then hit Unregister and then Register to fix the problem
  7. Now try to call on your own mobile number etc. to verify that everything is working
  8. When are done with work and tomorrow you will be in office again, unregister your Zoiper to so call will go to your office
  9. Check if you are Unregistred and its DONE!